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Money Management

Splotty Manages your salon’s cash flow, cash diary with real time Sales tracking. View total sales history each day with highest earner and most productive employee of the team. Mobile Finance management anytime anywhere.

Incentive Management

We motivate the people who matters most to your business. Incentive programs help you to motivate your employees and increase sales performance

Team Management

Grow your Team with qualified work force. Just Accept the request and you are set to start. Monitor, guide and convert your team’s talent into sales. Make your own world Cup winning eleven!

Job Portal

Out of employees? No problem , Splotty helps you find out employees for your salon from a large base of qualified and certified personnel . Find your makeup artist , hair dresser , potential star employee for your salon and get in touch with them immediately.

Digital Invoice

Go Paperless! Skip the physical invoice & send digital invoice to your customer directly to their emails.

Online Booking

Meet new Customers , get started with a public profile to show off your work . As a leading platform for online bookings with Real time tracking of your salon availability makes splotty first of its kind. Splotty helps you get your business trending by giving you access to its large customer base.

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