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Money Management

Manage All Your Cash Flow With Splotty!
you can manage your Cash Diary. You can view complete sales history of your salon.
You can also view the highest earner from your team.

Incentive Management

We motivate the people who matters most to your business. Incentive programs help you to motivate your employees and increase sales performance

Team Management

All you need to do is just accept the request Any time when you want to add a new team member, she/he need to send you a request to join to your team. And once you accept the request, she/he will be added to your team.

Job Management

Out of Employees? No problem, Splotty helps you to find out the best employee for your salon. You can easily search for Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist etc. and contact them easily.

Digital Invoice

Go Paperless! Skip the physical invoice & send digital invoice to your customer directly to their emails.

Online Booking

Meet New Clients, get started with a public profile to show off your work. Splotty is a leading platform for online bookings for Hair Services, Beauty Services & Other Wellness appointments. We will help you to get your business trending by giving you access to our large customer base.

Shop Analytics

Optimize customer experience
Drive customer experience with personalized services, offers and content. Understanding the impact of marketing and operational efforts on in-store sales. Our analytics solution with reliable data will help Salon Owners to make informed decisions that positively impact sales.

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