Planning and Creating A Garden

Planning and creating a garden should not be careless unless  your garden full of  bushes and weeds. It happened since people ignore some of the planning processes that looks not important but actually very crucial. The following steps should be taken so that you will have a garden as the same as your expectations .

The Important Things in Creating Garden Planning and Creating A Garden

Prepare a design or concept.

It is important that you provide a garden design. A garden design is a concept or engineering design drawings in how the garden will be build. This design is  summarized your concept in a paper. You can have clear information about the pattern of land, the installation of electrical and water, layout, and the point of planting. Try to Think, imagine and drawing your favorite garden design

Preparation technical work

Technical work you should be done are:

  1. Land preparation

These activities include digging work , turn the soil , backfill , and fertilizer in the soil . Never forget to free the land from weeds because it would interfere future plant growth. Do not plant immediately until you have done with this land preparation. The plants die or do not grow well because of disturbed weeds .

  1. Build Garden Construction

In the process of building garden, construct the path is important. These elements are essential to the circulation path in the park so that all the activities in the park which do not interfere with the sustainability of the growth of plants and other elements. The design and materials, the path can be made in a variety of options.

  1. Softscape elements

The interesting process is when it’s time for you to choose the soft scape. Remember that the character of each plant concerned the speed of growth, resistance in response to the weather either hot or rain.  Always use your design as a guidance. So, you will not get lost what kind of plant you should buy e.g shrubs, bushes , or protector.  When you buy flowers consider the color and the shape of its leaves too.

  1. Hardscape Elements

hardscape elements like pots , rocks that can be used as your garden ornament.

  1. Implementation

Planting starting from the higher plant then that is lower to the ground cover plants. After planting you can spread of coral stone, gravel , stepping stone, and other accessories .

A garden was created with the purpose to bring the beauty of your house.  The Harmony design of the color and the combination between the soft scape and hardscape will make your garden look perfect.

Beautiful Garden Plants Design Planning and Creating A Garden

The Important Things in Creating Garden
The Important Things in Creating Garden
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Nice Decorative Plants for Your Garden
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Garden Design Ideas Inspired
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